I have to tell you my story that was inspired by you. I know your message of never give up, and do your best, and you can do it, and that is what I kept thinking about.

You were in my thoughts last week when I was contemplating on riding my bike to Hot Harley Nites for Make a  Wish in Sioux Falls. Rodney couldn’t go and I could go with my brother and uncle, but I didn’t then have any way out if I couldn’t make the whole trip and needed a break from driving my bike all by myself the whole way and back. So if I committed to go, I had to do the whole way.

Well, I did it. I took the challenge on and rode 570 miles in two days, went in the parade that night, in 95 degree weather. It was awesome and I loved it. I was under the wing of my brothers which I loved the time with them also.

You inspire us by your attitude and encouragement, and so Thank You for helping me reach one of my dreams (and you didn’t even know that you were a part of it hahaha).
—Donna Hoffman


Thank you for my own personal copy!! It sits right next to all the other Super Amazing people who have refused to ever give up! I can’t wait to read it….your Spirit for ever Shines! thank you dear friend!
—Pennie Jo Kirschenmann Curet


So excited to start reading my new book……Your Winner Within! Holly you rock snd I plan to Never Give Up!
—Lana Stover Holland


Got your book yesterday… Just finished it over coffee and the sunrise in my back yard. Very inspirational! You are beautiful and I feel blessed to have connected with you and Charlie! Have a fantastic Sunday.
—S. Masyn Moyer