Your Winner Within

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Hoffman_Full.inddLife is made up of challenges. And, often times we are faced with situations we perceive to be insurmountable. In those times of uncertainty, many of us lack the internal compass to guide ourselves back into the light. Our thoughts turn to the negative and we inadvertently use our fears and emotions to our own detriment. Conversely, it is the ability to focus our thoughts, emotions, and energy that allows us to achieve success—if only we have the knowledge, tools, and discipline to do so.

Holly Hoffman’s book Your Winner Within not only offers encouragement and optimism, but a roadmap for self discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Her methods are intuitive, honest, and adaptable to nearly any situation. Best of all, the methods and ideas presented in this book are the very ones Holly uses herself, day-in and day-out to achieve success. You will receive the benefit of a lifetime of experience and the progressive evolution of her techniques to near perfection through the personal challenges faced in her own life.

This is a “must read” for anyone seeking guidance on positivity, determination, confidence, success, and so much more. After reading only a few pages you will be inspired to light the fire of successful living within yourself—I know I was.

You will feel empowered to change your life!

—Phillip W. Sheppard, Parent; Actor; Contestant, Survivor Nicaragua Season 22  and Survivor Caramoan Season 26; Commissioned and Creative Contributor, and inspiration for the novel The Specialist, The Costa Rica Job

“I was drawn into Holly’s story because of its similarity and ability to relate to  my own past. I was immediately reminded of the areas in my life where I can  give more and equally supported by the memories of my past as examples that  I can give more. Holly is a leader I would follow.” 
—Charley Patterson, Orlando, Florida,

“Holly’s sacrificial and genuine leadership style has proven that through passion  of cause, and humility of character, one can overcome any obstacle and achieve  any success.”
—Steven Roddy, Belpre, Ohio,


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