View these wonderful videos, featuring Addie Graham-Kramer, Jeannie Johnson, Rochelle Lauret, and Don Ryswyk, where they discuss their thoughts and impressions after hearing Holly Hoffman speak. We thank everyone for their time and kind words!

Holly Hoffman video addresses hockey players and a arena filled hockey stadium at the South Dakota State Hockey Tournament on March 9, 2013

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Holly was outstanding! She did two breakouts and our keynote, but she stayed through the entire day, listening to our general sessions and then incorporating key elements and tying things into her presentations, making them very relatable to our staff. She brought energy, passion and positivity and delivered a powerful message that everyone truly enjoyed. Holly was an absolute joy to work with.

Gina Evans, CUDE
Credit Union of America
AVP HR and Talent Development


Holly Hoffman spoke at our Unity Leadership Event in Chandler, AZ. Her presentation was a big hit with everyone, as I could see people nodding their heads in agreement with her, scribbling down notes as fast as they could, and were even moved to tears as Holly shared some personal struggles from her childhood. She answered many of the audience’s questions afterward, and stayed to talk with people – she is so genuine and engaging that when you see her with people she just met, you would think they were lifelong friends. I especially liked that she went to our website to gain some more information about our company, our opportunities for women and about the Unity group in particular, and she spoke to that on several points. She is truly a wonderful person with a very inspiring message and we loved having her back for a second time!

Lauren Balleweg, PayPal


Holly Hoffman is an inspiration, a direct impact leader who delivers it every time, every day in her actions and words.  She will immerse into your culture and just seeing the connection with her audience is breath taking.  Holly is a true testament to a survivor in life, heart and sole.

Andrea Bolin
Corporate Director of Strategic Initiatives
Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures


Holly Hoffman gave a very moving and motivating presentation at our Kossuth and Palo Alto County Economic Development Annual Breakfast.  She held us captive the entire time, and through her real life experience was able to express her pathway to SURVIVING.  She relayed that every day we all meet challenges, but it’s all about how we deal with those challenges that allows us to be true leaders and have a  positive attitude!~  Thank you Holly for giving of your time and sharing your 6 words to assisting pursuing success!

Maureen Elbert, Executive Director
Kossuth/Palo Alto County Economic Development Corporation


Holly was a delight!  She spoke to a combined management team of 50 and was just what the team needed….a positive reminder of how they make an impact on so many lives.  She nudged them to be the best they can be, by… Leading Simply. I truly enjoyed working with Holly to set this up, and was thrilled to hear all the positive comments afterwards.  Excellent presenter!

Marce Largent
Human Resources
Hot Springs, SD


Holly Hoffman spoke at my Go Red for Women Luncheon for the American Heart Association. This was the second time I saw her speak, with each time I was laughing and crying.  She is truly inspirational and motivating.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dynamic, motivational and inspirational speaker. She is a true professional.

Dawn Fernandez
Director, Special Events
Allentown, PA

This keynote was one of the best yet!  Through her vivid story telling, Holly Hoffman made the audience feel like they were with her on her Survivor journey.  They were entranced!  She had them at the edge of their seats…laughing, in tears, cheering her bold moves, her giving spirit and her antics.  She was able to touch them all while weaving lessons learned within the story.  The Expo was over a month ago and people are still talking about Holly!  She was so gracious, so real, and that resonated with everyone!  Thanks, Holly!!

Pat Stanforth, Chairman, Education Expo and Trade Show
Apartment Association of Southern Colorado


Holly Hoffman is an awesome motivational speaker who is able to weave her experience on Survivor with the values that will make all of us successful. She engaged the audience for her entire presentation with her skills of comparing and contrasting the stark realities of Survivor, her leadership skills, and how those skills supported her success throughout the experience. Everyone has heard of the reality show Survivor and we all have our personal perception of reality shows, but Holly shared with the audience the strength and determination needed to be successful on the show. The values, strength and determination she displayed and shared with us are the same ones we need to be successful in our path through life. Again, GREAT job Holly!

Randy Schlueter, Superintendent
Tri County Public Schools

I was struggling with personal and work related issues.  I had the opportunity to listen to Holly Hoffman’s speech this past September.  Wow!  She has been an inspiration for me ever since.  FAITH, ATTITUDE, DETERMINATION, CONFIDENCE, DESIRE, PERSEVERANCE. I have written these words down and keep them with me at all times.  Whenever I feel things are tough I remind myself of the goal and the journey it takes to become stronger.

Angie Higdon, Member Service Representative
SEMO Electric Cooperative
Sikeston, MO


Holly Hoffman did a wonderful job of blending a personal, and very public, experience that the audience may have watched but never done, with what it takes to be successful in the right ways! She connected with the audience, giving examples of how difficult it can be, yet what we can be, when we seize opportunity. Holly is terrific and she reminded us of what it means to put yourself into the unknown and persevere to the end. We recommend her, big time!

Dr. Jon Habben, Executive Director
Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association (NRCSA)


12805804_1022382094466896_8536478877176493443_nHolly is an amazing speaker. Full of energy and spunk, she kept us all captivated, which isn’t easy to do with a diverse audience ranging from office clerks to seasoned linemen. Her adventures on the show and in real life were heartfelt, awe-inspiring and humbling.  She was so gracious and accommodating after the presentation, staying for autographs, photographs and even more spirited conversation –I think a lineman or two may show up at her door come pheasant hunting season!

Susan Larson
Marketing & Communications
CCC Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative



Holly’s presentation rocked our conference. She was so inspiring and motivating. I left feeling so good about myself and can’t wait to start living my life and taking chances. She gave me the confidence and extra boost I needed. I will be forever grateful.

Marcia Schultz
MAEOP President

IMG_2517Holly is a very talented speaker and story teller.  Her story resonated with our audience of 2500 from all over the country – individuals from all walks of life who appreciated both her challenges and her inspiration to overcome the odds.  We continue to receive notes of thanks for finding Holly and bringing her to our conference.  She is an absolute delight to work with!

Pat Shafer
Executive Project Manager



IMG_1087On behalf of the Nebraska Bankers Association, thank you for speaking at our Young Bankers of Nebraska Conference.  Your message was both inspirational and motivational and so much more than just another story from a reality TV show personality.  The comments from the attendees were extremely positive and appreciative of the information shared and the takeaways that you offered by sharing your experiences.  I will definitely look for future opportunities where we can have you speak to other groups within our association.  Thank you!

Ron Arrigo
NBA Senior Vice President
Nebraska Bankers Association



I had the opportunity to hear Holly speak  at the Go Red Luncheon in Corpus Christi, Texas. I almost started crying when I heard her message.

Thank you Holly for your presentation. It was exactly what I needed to hear. It confirmed everything that I was hearing from my heart…” You can do it”…”You’ve got this”…”Opportunity is knocking at your Door”.

Thank you for a wonderful speech!!

Natalie C. Villarreal
Alumni Coordinator
Del Mar College Foundation
Corpus Christi, Texas



IMG_2143“Holly Hoffman is an amazing speaker. Holly is a true “Survivor” – her story about starring on the reality show and her real world experiences are relatable for so many people. Her speech appeals to audiences of all ages. Her positive attitude and fun stories will leave you recharged and entertained. She is a must-book speaker for your next event – you will not be disappointed. Our event raised over $100,000 thanks to Holly’s great speech!”

Christy Menning
Charity Fundraiser for McCrossan Boys Ranch



IMG_3059Holly is an inspiration, a motivator, and an inspiration.  She spoke to our youth group and had their attention the entire session.  It’s no canned presentation with Holly.  She personalized the presentation to the audience, theme of our conference, and for each session.  Students went home to tell their friends and parents about Holly Hoffman.  This was a conference for new members who were inspired and fired up about our organization due to Holly’s performance.  We will definitely have her back!

Kevin Reisenauer
North Dakota DECA Advisor




IMG_3472“I organize a lot of the trainings for Anoka County. I am a huge Survivor fan, and thought it would be fun to have Holly come and speak at one of our trainings. I was hoping to hear her story about being on the show and was not disappointed. What I found interesting was there were many people in our audience that have never even seen the show, and the feedback from them was overwhelmingly positive. Holly’s message of inner strength and overcoming fear is universal, you don’t have to be a fan to benefit from what she says.  She kept the interest of everyone and was so genuine and warm.  I recommend her to anyone looking for a dynamic speaker whose message is both entertaining and thought provoking.”

Paula Anderson
Manager of License Bureau Services
Anoka County




Holly Hoffman was so well received by our attendees!  She touched their minds and their hearts with her message of perseverance and attitude.  She has been one of the best speakers we have had over the years!

Lori Tracy
Assistant Executive Director



We hired Holly for three different presentations for our event and she inspired me so much that it’s hard to put into words.  The evaluations were off the charts!!  All comments were so positive – needless to say – she inspired more than just me, she inspired the whole room.  Everyone loved how she presented, and loved how she involved all the attendees.  Everyone interacting with each other in the room was just want we wanted.  I would highly recommend hiring Holly for your next conference.  She is very inspiring!

Pam Linneweber
President Elect
South Dakota Corrections Association



Booking Holly for our closing speaker was a slam dunk – or home run if you’re a baseball fan.  From the initial meeting on the phone to the end of her presentation, she was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She has such a positive energy about her it is hard not to be uplifted.  For her entire presentation, she had the audience engaged and riveted.  You could tell she was honest and open in the sharing of her experiences simply by the emotion in her voice.  The message she brought was applicable to every member of the audience and they loved it.  Comments after her presentation included, “Wow”, “One of the best speakers I’ve heard”, “She was powerful” and “Her message gave us life lessons for work and home”.  I would recommend Holly without a moment’s hesitation – a definite asset for any organization’s event.

Bobbie Connolly, CMP
Prairie Health Ventures
Lincoln, Nebraska



Holly Hoffman spoke at Mullen Public Schools on March 16th in Mullen, NE.  Holly was a very enthusiastic and informative speaker that shared a lot of information to the students on how tough of an experience she endured, but over come to make it to the final round of Survivor.  Our students were all ears and eyes during her whole presentation, and flooded her with all sorts of questions afterwards.  Over all I would recommend her message to be shared with everyone, because it makes you think of many different life choices that are in front of you everyday that you should probably handle differently as well as think through before you act on them.  She also emphasized the importance of not being afraid to take chances and follow your dreams because there is a big world of opportunities out there waiting for you to explore.

Barb McIntosh
Mullen, Nebraska



Holly is a high energy, aw-inspiring speaker.  She is able to bring her personal life experiences to fruition on her platform from “Survivor”.  Holly is capable of reaching the audience on a deep and emotional level.  I’ve seen her speak twice now and would see her again if the opportunity arose!

Jill Vermeire
J.V. Events and Consulting, LLC


IMG_3298Holly Hoffman was a part of our collegiate conference and was overwhelmingly accepted.  She connected with the college students from 18-50 and kept wanting more.  She was wonderful.  Inspiring. And Engaging.  The sign of a captive audience is when cell phones are put away and only used to capture those photos to remember the presenter.  What a great event we had due to the personal engagement of Holly in our conference.

Kevin Reisenauer
ND Collegiate DECA Advisor


Holly Hoffman is an accomplished, dynamic speaker whose integrity shines through with every word she speaks.  Her honest and engaging delivery captivates her audience and her inspirational message provides insight on courage, determination, and how to live a life full of purpose.  If your organization is seeking a presenter that will entertain and empower all types of audiences, please don’t miss the opportunity to book Holly for your event.  You will not find anyone who is more enthusiastic or gracious with her time and her 1,000-watt smile is positively contagious!

Donna Shimek


I have had the privilege of hearing Holly speak at the state conference for SHRM and was so impressed by her message (perseverance, team building, positive attitude) enthusiasm, and her ability to relate to such a wide variety of individuals on many different of levels. After having such a positive experience, I wanted share my experience with the staff of Lincoln County. I felt that her message of perseverance, team work, and having a positive attitude would be so refreshing for staff to hear. Holly was prompt, responsive, and professional in getting something set up. She was open to suggestions and truly wanted to make a connection to her audience. Again, her presentation was phenomenal! I received only positive feedback from the staff members who went to see her. They indicated she was “engaging, passionate, funny, and relatable”.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Holly and would highly recommend having her talk to staff of any experience level.

Julia Disburg, PHR
HR Generalist
Minnehaha/Lincoln County


Holly, you knocked it out of the park for our Annual Meeting! I can’t tell you how many people have called me, e-mailed me or stopped me on the street and said how much they enjoyed your presentation. Thank you so much for taking the time to meld your presentation into our theme – it fit beautifully. You are amazing!

Linda Rabe, CCE, IOM
President & CEO
Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce


Thank you being so personable and inspiring! Your message of not giving up in the face of challenge was delivered in a way that REALLY hit home. I have never seen so many of our members line up and hang around that long to talk afterwards. Your evaluation rating of 4.97 out of 5 was the highest we have ever had for a speaker!

Cooperatively Yours,
Alison Deelstra 
Director of Education and Communication
Minnesota Rural Electric Association


Holly Hoffman proved that she was just the right speaker to kick off the start of our new school year for our teachers and staff. She is bright, cheerful, and genuine. Her story had our faculty laughing along with her and in the next moment would bring a tear to their eyes. Her message was clear and strong. As Holly told her story of challenge, overcoming adversity, and prevailing as a result of her determination and persistence she reached out and grabbed the hearts of our staff. Few presenters get a standing ovation from our staff but Holly Hoffman earned it.

Mark Froke, Superintendent


Energizing…captivating…inspiring…Holly Hoffmann provides a moving, dynamic and faith-filled account of her life’s experiences and journey as a contestant on the hit television series “Survivor”. Her message of renewed determination to make the most of each day and hope for the future is a “MUST HEAR” for every type of audience.

Margie Gettel, President
Fergus Falls Kiwanis Club


Thank you for the great message when you were keynote speaker at our Alpha Delta Kappa Conference.  You were phenomenal and our members loved you and how your energy captivated the audience.  Being a group of women educators we were amazed how you tied your life lessons topic in with our mission statement. You certainly motivated and challenged us.

Thank you,
Marilyn Boese


Holly Hoffman brings the total package.  She is informative, funny, inspirational and passionate.  She has broad appeal among people of all ages and leaves you feeling like you can do anything!  Holly is very dynamic and goes the extra mile to engage listeners one on one or in a group setting.  I highly recommend her!

Mary “Cris” Peterson
Dayton, Ohio Development Manager
Beavercreek, Ohio


Just recently we had our Minnesota Rural Electric Financial Managers Conference and I heard we were having someone coming to our conference who was on Survivor and all I could think is, “Oh great, someone coming to our conference and they are just here to make money off their experience….” Boy was I wrong…

Someone named “Holly Hoffman” came to our Conference and shared a message which everyone could relate to. Let me explain, we have a very diverse group of people at our Conference and Holly had the privilege of speaking last, on the last day of the Conference. People even brought their kids because everyone is ready to go home and make that quick escape, not an easy spot to speak and have a presentation.

I can honestly say Holly held everyone’s attention, telling her story of Survivor and intertwining her beliefs to motivate you, help you realize opportunities and help you succeed at anything. The story of how to deal with those little demons in the inner self, how you have to believe, how to never give up and finally say “You can do this, you’ve got this”. Holly has a way to draw you in and she will touch you with the message she brings to you. I guarantee she will touch your heart and soul forever.

Thank you Holly for being a part of our Conference and bringing a great positive message!

PS – Holly does like to receive any recommendations on her presentation and I did give her one, “Holly, you really need to put some Kleenex out on the tables for everyone, I know I needed them.”

Sidney R Sletten
Beltrami Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Director of Finance and Member Services


Holly is a very enthusiastic person. She had our high school honor students attention for more than 1 hour and then after the banquet they stayed longer (which hardly ever happens) and talked to Holly. The students still talked about her for days afterwards and the members of our women’s club were so happy to meet and greet her. It was something we thoroughly enjoyed and we spread the word to others in our town to go and see her when she is in the area again. It was well worth the experience.

Sandy Ohm
Lidgerwood Woman’s Club
Lidgerwood, North Dakota


“I was really inspired and motivated with Holly’s speech! Great things for girls to think about,for their Girl Scout awards and for life! I feel everyone that was there was touched.”

Girl Scout Leader – Michelle Mitchell
Salina, Kansas
Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland


I first heard Holy Hoffman at the Hawarden, Iowa Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet and was pleasantly surprised.  Holly truly has a gift to catch people’s attention from the first word she speaks to when the last person stops laughing.  I was so impressed with her ability to capture a room, we booked her for our Annual Meeting at our local farmer owned cooperative in Sioux Center, Iowa.  She didn’t disappoint there either.  I have yet to see a speaker who makes it seem like they are telling you their story for the very first time.  There is so much heart and passion behind everything you hear and Holly relates to everyone in the audience, she’s not a flighty celebrity, she’s real.  I’d recommend her for any type of event where you want your audience to walk out of there with their jaw on the floor and still talking about it a year later.

Travis Olson


Holly Hoffman is an amazing and inspirational speaker for audiences of all ages. Holly spoke at our state wide 4-H event and both the youth and adults were captivated by her thrilling and motivating story of her time on the Survivor TV show. As an adult who works with youth it is great to see youth excited and engaged by a guest speaker, and Holly does this with ease.

Josie Evenson
Richland County 4-H/Youth Development Agent
Montana State University Extension
Sidney, Montana


On behalf of Alliance Communications employees, I’d like to extend a warm “thank you” for your message yesterday.  You offered many nuggets of truth and hope for everyone.  I have thought numerous times on how you said when you have everything and everyone removed from you, you then really figure out who you are and what’s important.  That reminds me of Job in the Bible.  If we recognize our hope, life and strength comes from above, God will carry us through and bless us.

May God continue to bless you in your work!  Have a blessed Easter.

Paul VanDeBerg
Business Relations
Alliance Communications


Thank you for booking her. It was exactly what I needed to hear. It confirmed everything that I was hearing from my heart…” You can do it”…”You’ve got this”…”Opportunity is knocking at your Door”…etc…

Thank you for a wonderful speech!!

Natalie C. Villarreal
Alumni Coordinator
Del Mar College Foundation

The Rushmore Chapter of AAHAM was honored to have Holly speak at our spring meeting in Chamberlain.  Our group laughed and we cried but we loved the connection that Holly made with every single person in the room.  What a strong and amazing women; she is a mentor and leader for all to admire.  We look forward to cheering her on in a future season of Survivor.

Heather M. Bode, MHA, CRCS-I
Business Office Manager
Faulkton Area Medical Center


Holly was a great addition to our SD State FFA Convention as a motivational speaker.  She spoke with passion and sincerity and truly motivated her audience. The student’s absolutely loved her and she was such a joy to work with.

Ashley Tonak
Senior Agriculture Leadership Major
Ag & Environmental Law Minor



Hi! I had the opportunity to hear you speak today at the Go Red Luncheon in Corpus Christi.

Thank you for the talk today. It was exactly what I needed to hear. It confirmed everything that I was hearing from my heart…” You can do it”…”You’ve got this”…”Opportunity is knocking at your Door”…etc…
Thank you for a wonderful speech!!
Natalie C. Villarreal
Alumni Coordinator
Del Mar College Foundation


I am an employee at Plankinton School and was one of the privileged to get to sit in on your speech today. I wanted to thank you so much for sharing your experience and sending such a positive message.

You are such a great speaker and an amazing role model.


Raya Bruns



I am a student at O’Gorman. you gave an amazing presentation today! thanks for coming and i just wanted to say that it was very encouraging to me.

Thanks, and God bless,
Mitchell Keena


Thank you for your great message today.  Being a coach and teacher for 47 years, it’s great to hear stories like yours with a true message and motivation included.  I try to instill in my players life lessons as well as the fundamentals … Your words just reiterate what we try and teach.
Thank you also for taking the time for the picture … :-). My Mother-in-law is smiling down on us now as I write this … And saying.  “Ha” I got to her first !!!  I must confess though, that I never miss the show.  If I can’t catch it on Wednesday nite … I record it to watch it later.  🙂
Take care, thanks again, and hopefully we shall meet again.
Bob Sprang


Dear Ms. Hoffman:
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation Tuesday night in Arlington, SD. You help us to remember what is important. We get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives that we sometimes don’t appreciate all we have the way we should.
Once again, thank you for an excellent presentation.
LaMonte McCuen
Dear Mrs. Hoffman
Thanks for coming to speak to the Future Production Ladies during Pageant Power Week!  Your captivating talk on Survivor was so inspiring!  Listening to your presentation allows me to learn form your experience and words of advice and helps me to develop the strategics I will need to be successful.  Jus as you are a role model to me, I will continue to strive to be a role  mode myself.  Thanks again.  You are truly appreciated.
Sincerely, Kalani Jorgensen
Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2012
You did a fantastic presentation at ASHH Heart Days!  Your adventure and sharing about reaching deep down in yourself was so inspiring.  Employees continue to rave about your talk.  You made a difference in me – in how I view the world – more opportunities and engaging – and most importantly the value of family and priorities in life.  Your selection on Survivor was meant to happen.  Thanks again!
Jean Hunhoff
Really enjoyed your presentation in Veblen tonight. Very moving presentation. Thank you. Lorne
Thank you for speaking at the Beauty is Power Seminar. You are such and inspirational women and your story about your journey on the show Survivor was so touching I actually started crying!  I really appreciate your time, it was so helpful.
Thanks again Holly,
Taylor Neisen
Miss South Dakota USA 2012
Dear Holly,
I was so touched by your story because it really spoke to me.  It spoke to me because it showed me that you should “never give up” on yourself.  There are alot of times where I want to give up.  There are times I do give up.  If you give up then you aren’t strong and you don’t believe in yourself.  Most people only get to hear your speech once, but i got lucky enough to hear you speak twice.  Keep on doing what you are doing.  There are more children and adults who don’t believe in themselves so they need to hear you speak.
Here is one of my sayings “If you give up you are not trying, and you can’t succeed if you don’t try.”
Thank you for coming to the Abbott House and speaking!!
Dear Holly Hoffman
Thank you for coming to the Abbott House because we don’t really get opportunities like this.  When you came and talked and shared your experience I felt like I was in a story book.  You opened my eyes to different things and inspired me to be the best that I can be.
I just wanna thank you for coming and giving me hope.
Thank you

I so enjoyed our conversation as always. You are an inspiration to me and each time I hear you speak I am more impressed. I think back to being an 8th grader when you were a senior…I looked up to you then and continue to be motivated by you now. Thanks for being you and for inspiring others to find their inner strength. :)I continue to find inner strength where I can as well. Positive attitude. Marathon training is strengthening also.Again, thanks for your inspiration. Take Care. Sandra


Dear Ms. Hoffman

It was a real honor to be in the audience last evening hearing your talk to the SD RTA. Hearing your wisdoms and insights gained after your “Survivor” experiences was very informative and moving.I was in Pierre from the National Office of AARP and I’m so glad that Ms. Johnson, SD RTA President, kindly shared one of your business cards with me.  I didn’t get the chance to come up afterwards to greet you.  It was touching to see all the retired teachers around you afterwards, wishing to all hear more (photo attached for your files).You are truly doing SD proud, and your message is powerful.  Keep up your great, inspiring work.

All the best, Lily Liu


Thank you Holly,
As teachers we sometimes felt the need simply “to survive” especially during the month of May, but most of us would never have tackled what you did.  We are proud of you! Thanks for motivating us and challenging us.  We know we still have much to learn each day.  Keep up the good work in sharing your message with all ages!
Thanks again Holly!
South Dakota Retired Teachers Association
Pat Johnson SDRTA President


Thank you for the very motivational speech you gave tonight at the Groton Chamber women’s night. I really enjoyed learning about what it is like being on Survivor. I love how you tie it all together with Life’s lessons. You are truly an inspiring woman. Thank You again.
—Renee McKiver, Groton


Holly Hoffman gave a tremendous presentation on her experiences on Survivor and life lessons learned while participating in the show. Very interesting and motivational. Every high school student should hear this presentation!
—Chris Nelson

Holly, I saw you at the Youth Leadership Forum (a camp for adolescents with a disability) last summer in Aberdeen and then again on Sunday at the South Dakota Nurses’ Convention in Brookings. You are a wonderful speaker—and a true inspiration! I so appreciate how you “know your audiences,” such an important feature in a speaker. Thank you for your words.
—Kathy Jorgensen,
Associate Professor USD Department of Nursing
Center of Excellence

My name is Michelle Nelson and I am a State Farm Agent from Pipestone, MN. I currently am the Past President for our local Chamber Board of Directors. Recently we had Holly Hoffman be our guest speaker at our annual chamber meeting. She was outstanding. For the hour that she told her story there was never a moment of silence. She has so much energy that it filled the room and captivated the audience. Her story applies to all of us. We don’t have be on the “Survivor Show” to be a survivor in our lives, town, employments,, faith and etc. She truly was a blessing to our community but more personally to me. Thank You so much Holly for being a part of Pipestone, MN and thank you for encouraging me personally. You are truly a blessing.

—Michelle Nelson



I keep hearing over and over again how much you meant to different people.  One of the guests (who is not easily impressed) turned to me at the closing of your presentation and whispered “WOW!” The children in the audience were mesmerized with you. Our local newspaper editor was just in my office and he remarked again what an outstanding job you did for the Freeman Regional Health Services Foundation Gala.

You are truly a gifted speaker.  Thanks for helping us make our Gala a successful event!  Keep up the good work.

—Ruth Strasser, Freeman Regional Health Services Foundation